Barbara Welcomes George Home

November 30th 2018, only months after Barbara Bush’s passing, her lifelong husband George follows. It has been reported that his last words were on the phone with son, George W. Bush, saying “I love you too”. Please note: all times listed are in Eastern Time. Texas is on Central time, which is one hour behind. … Read moreBarbara Welcomes George Home

Hurricane Warnings Are Being Ignored

A huge hurricane is headed right for the Carolinas. Despite this, many people will refuse to evacuate, which means that innocent people will be risking their lives to help them. Also, many people do not have insurance. If they have damages, they will make claims thru government agencies, such as FEMA. Any claims that are … Read moreHurricane Warnings Are Being Ignored

Manslaughter Or Murder

A Dallas police officer entered into someone else’s home and shot the resident, killing him. The officer claimed that she thought it was her apartment. Do you believe that someone could enter someone else’s home and think it was their own, despite the fact that the furnishings and decor are totally different? Do you believe … Read moreManslaughter Or Murder